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Voter Policy Statement

Voters Privacy, Security, and Copyright Statement

Who are we?

This website and Choice Voting online voting application is hosted and maintained by RDT Systems Limited, Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA and is provided in our role as a data processor. Choice Voting is a trading name of RDT Systems Limited.

Our data protection officer can be contacted via .[email protected]

Why have I received an invitation to vote from you?

You may receive an invitation to vote from our platform, this may be in the form of an email invitation, or a text based SMS invitation.

If you have received this email, it's likely because you're a member or associated with an organisation like a school where you are a student parent, sports club member, or similar. The organisation hosting the election is using our platform and has determined that you are eligible to be invited to participate in the election in some capacity.

Why is information gathered on this site and how is it used?

This platform performs various election roles, including elections, referendums, and other related electoral processes and services. It enables participants to access election information, submit nominations, and cast votes electronically. The information gathered is utilised to ensure the smooth functioning of election processes, including verifying candidate eligibility, facilitating voter registration where required, and maintaining the integrity of the voting service and results service.

The legal basis for processing personal information includes fulfilling legal obligations, pursuing legitimate interests, or to deliver a contractual service, and exercising official authority on behalf of the data controller.

We collect information directly and indirectly. Direct collection includes data provided by users, while indirect collection encompasses automatically gathered data such as IP addresses and access timestamps. All data collected is necessary for administering electoral projects and is processed fairly and lawfully.

Your identification data and the information that you have voted are solely used to secure your one-time vote and are fully encrypted on our systems at all times.

Additionally, this website may utilise cookies to enhance functionality, security, and user experience. Detailed information about the cookies used is available in our Cookie Information document.

  • The data controller has the right to provide voter data to RDT Systems Limited as the processor based on contractual agreements between the two parties.
  • The data controller may share voter data with RDT Systems Limited to fulfil the purposes of administering electoral projects, including voter registration, candidate eligibility verification, and ballot distribution.
  • Under data protection laws and regulations, the data controller is responsible for ensuring that the sharing of voter data with RDT Systems Limited complies with relevant legal requirements, including obtaining necessary consents from voters.
  • The data controller may provide voter data to RDT Systems Limited for processing purposes outlined in the contractual agreement, such as maintaining the integrity of the voting system, ensuring accurate vote tabulation, and addressing queries or issues related to individual votes.
  • The data controller retains ownership and control over the voter data shared with RDT Systems Limited, and the processor is obligated to handle the data in accordance with the terms specified in the contract and applicable data protection laws.
  • RDT Systems Limited, as the processor, is bound by confidentiality obligations to ensure that voter data shared by the data controller is securely stored, processed, and protected against unauthorised access, misuse, or disclosure.
  • Any sharing of voter data between the data controller and RDT Systems Limited must be conducted in compliance with data protection principles, including transparency, fairness, and lawfulness, to uphold the rights and privacy of voters.
  • The data controller retains ultimate responsibility for the processing of voter data, including oversight of RDT Systems Limited's activities as the processor, to ensure compliance with data protection laws and regulations.

How long will we keep this information?

After concluding an electoral project, personal information is stored for a period to address queries or issues. Data retention complies with relevant legislation and typically lasts no more than four months after project completion. Election administrators/Data controllers may choose to remove data at any stage during or after an election concludes.

Access to your details and other rights?

You have the right to access and correct your personal information. You can also object to processing under certain circumstances. Requests or objections should be directed to the data controller of your inviting organisation, any requests to us must be forwarded to your organisation. or you can contact our Data Protection Officer at [email protected] . If unsatisfied with the response, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner. ICO

You have the right to decline an invitation to vote online.

You have the right to request an alternative means of voting via the data controller. You may find the relevant organisation contact information in the footer of your invite email

Will we share this information with outside parties?

Personal information is shared with the data controller only as necessary, such as for candidate eligibility verification or an SAR, We do not disclose personal information unless legally obligated. Rest assured, your data not be sold or shared for marketing purposes.

What security controls are in place?

We prioritise your security by implementing physical and digital measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and full data encryption, to protect against unauthorised access, misuse, or alteration of information.

Rest assured, your vote is completely confidential. Neither the election organiser nor us have access to your personal voting details. Your ballot is encrypted and stored securely, solely for the purpose of tallying the election results. After the election, the organiser may receive a list of participants, but they cannot see how individuals voted. Your privacy and anonymity are paramount

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The contents of this site, including text, images, and arrangement, are the property/trademark of RDT Systems Limited unless otherwise stated. Unauthorised reproduction or distribution of site content is prohibited without prior written consent from RDT Systems Limited.

We value your trust and privacy and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your information. Thank you for choosing Choice Voting.