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Take control of yourOnline elections

We believe that everyone deserves to have their say. To get the most engagement, the voting process needs to be effortless – for voters and administrators. Every new feature we work on is designed to streamline and simplify, without compromising security or versatility.

An intuitive and straightforward experience for voters

    Email notifications
  • Easy access. Let voters take part in elections from anywhere, using any device with an internet connection. No installation necessary.
  • Voter authentication
  • Encrypted keys and IDs, and unique login details for each voter increase security and combat fraud.
  • Automatic login
  • Increase turnout by enabling the automatic login function. Voters can take part with a simple click from their invitation link.
  • Voting reminders
  • Keep track of who’s voted and prompt voters who haven’t taken part to cast their ballot.

A reliable and truthful result

    Locked in votes
  • Voters can only submit one ballot to ensure a fair result.
  • Real-time analytics
  • Graphs and totalisers give you an up-to-date and accurate picture of election progress and voter engagement.
  • Voter authentication
  • Encrypted keys and IDs, and unique login details for each voter increase security and combat fraud.
  • Full accountability
  • Every action taken by election administrators is logged and recorded for peace of mind.
  • Analyse results
  • Download round-by-round results, and view transfers or exhausted ballots to keep track of what happened.

Customer profile user interface

Election Auditing

One vote per voter

Your members can only vote once, as soon as they submit a ballot, the vote is locked in.

Real Time Analytics

Watch voter engagement in real-time with our helpful graphs and totaliser information.

Full Administrator Audit logging

Log and record every action taken by your election administrator, Every change, every link clicked, every candidate change - all of it is recorded for scrutiny.

Real Time Statistics

Watch the progress of your election in real time, check which voters have voted, or see how your positions are performing during your election.

Full breakdown of votes

Download a PDF of your election results, with round by round details, view any transfers or exhausted ballots in an STV election.

See Who voted

Real-time graphs show which of your members have voted - or not - you may filter those that haven't voted and send a reminder to take part.

Make it your own

A tailored look and feel to match your own brand, helping voters feel at ease

Brand image

Your logo will display on ballot forms to keep your brand visible and recognisable to your voters.

Custom messages

Tailor the content you send to voters with your images, a welcome message, or anything else.

Tailored text

Your election is unique to your organisation, so you can create custom descriptions of the process and rules for your voters.

Resolutions and referenda

Manage AGM Resolutions

Beautifully presented results, instantly available. Simple to read and understand graphs and resolution percentage thresholds. No waiting for results, share with your team.

Multi Admin

Build elections with the help of your colleagues, or allow an external scrutineer access to your election – or a single part of your election, the choice is yours.

Multiple user accounts.

  • Invite your team to assist with setting up an election, or maybe just allow a colleague access to retrieve the final results.
  • With powerful permission based roles, you decide who is allowed to carry out any specific role. Add or remove team members from your election, or apply different access rules when you need.

Voter user interface

Permission based Roles

Be in control with powerful user roles.

You have full control over your teams access. Permit or deny access to specific parts of your election. Extensive Support and documentation to guide you with role allocation.

Role type – Principal User

The account owner and principal user. This user has full control over the account and elections.

Role type – Clerk

Often a team member, they won’t need full access, but will need access to help you setup your elections.

Role type – Scrutineer

This is a restricted role, the “scrutineer” can help you with voter validation, and access to your election results, but will not be permitted to change the election setup.

Role type – Postal

Your postal user role, allows you to nominate team members to assist with entering your postal ballots, they will not be able to access any other part of your election.

Privacy matters

Full encryption

Your data is encrypted when it’s submitted and fully encrypted in storage to keep you safe and compliant with data protection rules.

UK hosting

Our local and compliant data centres are secure and accountable.

User permissions

Give or restrict access to people as you need to.


We do not use data tracking analytics (Google Analytics) and never sell, track or misuse your data.

ICO Registration

We are ICO registered (ZA462087) and you may verify our status here.

Need to know access

Access to internal systems is on a strict need to know basis,