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About Choice Voting

Choice Voting was born to solve a problem. To create a digital platform that made voting easier for everyone. To give everyone a voice.

With Choice Voting you can set up an election in less than five minutes. For every new feature we add, every design we tweak, every bit of code we optimise, we first ask ourselves one question: will this make voting easier for people?

Making voting easier for everyone

We work with organisations of all sizes, from the smallest volunteer groups to the largest membership organisations. We want our platform to be affordable and effective for anyone who needs to hold an election. We’re making voting greener (and more cost effective) by removing the need for paper and postal services for our clients, and by using sophisticated hosting for our servers. And, above all, we want every one of our clients to feel supported and confident that they can create their election quickly and easily.

The Choice Voting story so far

“We started developing Choice Voting back when you could still buy floppy disks. Paper processes were still the norm, and only the most forward-thinking organisations understood the transformative potential of internet-based applications. From the very beginning we saw that online voting had huge advantages over paper voting. We’ve made it our mission to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible so more organisations can realise the benefits. We know that the easier the software is to use, the more engagement the election will get. Today, we’ve reached over 1 million votes counted through the platform. And we’re not stopping there.”

The team behind Choice Voting

Many of our customers know us by name. We’re not a faceless tech company operating from a call centre – we’re a friendly team based in the UK, always happy to talk through any requirements. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our support pages, get in touch!

Jason Hawkins

Director & Founder

Jason has spent the last 21 years dedicating to revolutionising the way we vote. As the CEO of RDT Systems Limited, he has been at the forefront of the movement to make voting more accessible and convenient for people all over the world.

Under Jason's leadership, Choice Voting has become a leader in the field of online voting, helping to modernise the electoral process and ensure that more people can participate in the democratic process

Amy Hood

Account management

Amy has a professional background in Bookkeeping and Accounts. Throughout the past decade, she has developed her expertise in customer relations and account management.

Amy is recognised for her meticulous attention to detail and her natural ability to connect with people. Her commitment to excellence and dedication to exceeding customer expectations have been consistent hallmarks of her professional journey.

Russell Leigh

Lead developer

Rusty is a seasoned software developer with extensive experience in enterprise software applications. He has spent the last 15 years working on developing software solutions for large organisations in various industries, including finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Rusty is known for his expertise in developing complex software systems that are scalable, secure, and efficient. He has a deep understanding of various programming languages and platforms, including Java, Python, .NET, and cloud computing technologies.

Anthony Willis


Anthony is a seasoned full stack developer boasting over 12 years of extensive experience across a myriad of projects. His professional journey has spanned engagements with both digital agencies and corporate environments, where he has contributed to projects of varying complexity, ranging from single-page websites to bespoke CRMs tailored for multi-million-dollar enterprises.

Proficient in a diverse array of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies, he has a particular affinity for leveraging Laravel and Vue as his preferred tech-stack.