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Create workplace elections in 5 minutes

What’s an easy way to get staff more engaged in your business? Workplace voting and surveys. Choice Voting lets you quickly and easily gather opinions, elect representatives, and hold votes on important issues. It’s simple to set up and intuitive to use on any device.

Create online elections in less than five minutes. With exceptional security, voters can have their say through your own branded, easy-to-use portal.

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Happy teams for healthier businesses

The more engaged your teams are in the business, the more committed they’ll be to its success. They’ll have the power to drive change and transform the business for the better. Choice Voting lets you reach your workforce on any device for polls, votes, and surveys. Gauge wellbeing. Uncover inefficiencies. Encourage innovation. Whatever you use the platform for, you’ll find it quick and easy to set up an election with our four-step process.

Simple yet scalable

We’ve worked hard to make the whole process as effortless as possible. And that includes getting approval for the costs too – with a simple and fair pricing structure, you can deploy Choice Voting right away and use it as much or as little as you need. With no tedious paper-based votes to manage, your elections are a time-effective way to engage your employees and drive change across your organisation.

Benefits to your workplace

Cost effective,                         no matter the size of your business

Cost effective, no matter the size of your business

Low-carbon but high-impact solution

Low-carbon but high-impact solution

Boost employee engagement and empower your teams

Boost employee engagement and empower your teams

Minimal admin time setting up and managing the process

Minimal admin time setting up and managing the process

Staff Elections online voting
AGM elections and referendums

Take care of your governance requirements with minimal hassle and maximum effectiveness

Online voting employee opinion poll
Employee opinion validation

Be confident you’re doing the right thing by asking your colleagues directly at a time and place that suits them

Online employee surveys voting
Employee surveys

Gather insights on everything from office culture to strategic direction – you’ll get great engagement when employees can use any device

Online employee representative voting elections
Employee representative forums

Quickly set up votes to elect representatives – all you need is a list of names and a list of voters

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We're here to help you build engaging workplace elections

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