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Student Union Election Online Voting Platform

The Online Election Voting Application for Students’ Unions

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Choice Voting is packed with

powerful vote management features

Email Voters

Provide an email address for voters and we can email them credentials when your election launches.

Beautiful Results

Election results are automatically calculated and presented with beautiful charts. Round by Round downloadable PDF’s with full vote transfer transparency.

Multiple Overlapping Elections

You can run several elections independently of each other, even simultaneously, or even group a set of elections together with a single point of login for your voters.

Candidate Withdrawal

If necessary, you can remove a candidate from the ballot once voting has ended and Choice Voting will recalculate the results accordingly

Locked Positions

Positions can be open to all voters, or locked to specific voters. 

Locked Candidates

Lock candidates from being selected in a vote for a specified time and date period.

The Count

The counting procedure conforms to the Electoral Reform Society’s ‘ERS97’ Single Transferable Vote guidelines and deals with multiple RON candidates, adding and withdrawing candidates and transferring any surplus.

Power Features

Choice voting allows you to validate your voters against your own corporate or educational website login. No data entry required..

Secure 256-Bit Encryption

All elections have SSL (https://) grade security with 256bit encryption that keeps your election and ballots secure.

Discounted Student Union Voting Subscriptions

Pay as you go for each election, or sign up for a yearly Discounted subscription that allows you to run unlimited elections

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