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Simplify your membership voting

Whether your membership organisation needs to sense check opinions, vote on issues, or, elect a new committee - Choice Voting can deliver all of your needs.

We look after all types of organisations from community services to housing associations to sports & social clubs. No matter what category you fall into, we can help take the effort and pain out of arranging your elections. We will help improve your voter turn out too! Choice Voting offers a simple online solution to your membership organisations needs and is set up in minutes.

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Elections in 4 easy steps

We know your membership organisation needs to deliver elections or adhere to protocol and governance. But that doesn’t mean it needs to take up your time and effort to do so. Choice Voting can reach your members on any device, enabling participation in stronger numbers than via traditional methods. The 4-step process is so simple for your organisers that it takes less than 5 minutes to set up and our trusty team are always on hand if you need any help.

Say goodbye to paper-based elections

No more time and money wasted on printing and envelope stuffing. Instead, your committee, board or team can be focusing their time on supporting your members with the important stuff instead – and saving precious pennies too! Engage your members with a quicker, easier, and more cost-effective solution to ensure your organisations decisions reflect your members wishes.

Benefits to your organisation

Drive down costs of elections

Increase voter turnout and give everyone a voice

Engage your members on issues that matter

Save valuable time and resources

Make your elections a low carbon process

Leadership and representative elections

Elect the right leaders for your trust, council or club by engaging as many members as possible in the voting process

Governance, AGMs, referendums

From sports organisations to health and welfare trusts, parish councils to rotary clubs, manage your governance requirements online with little effort

Advance/proxy voting, consultations, opinion validation

You can use Choice Voting anywhere you need to gauge opinions or collect a ballot

Staff and member surveys and awards

It’s so simple to set up a vote, you’ll soon be using Choice Voting to test ideas and run other initiatives

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