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Increase Voter Turnout for Parent Governor Elections with Choice Voting

School governance teams! Are you tired of low turnout during your parent governor elections? We totally get it – engaging busy parents and making the voting process convenient can be a challenge. But what if we told you that there’s an efficient, safe, and effortless solution at hand?

Introducing Choice Voting: The Solution for Increased Engagement
Choice Voting is an innovative online platform designed specifically for schools like yours who want to increase voter participation while saving precious time and money on running parent governor elections.

Effortless Setup in Just 5 Minutes!
With Choice Voting, setting up your online election takes just 5 minutes – yes, you read that right! Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly create custom ballots tailored to suit your specific needs. Say goodbye to complicated setup processes, and reduce costs at the same time.

Exciting Benefits of Choosing Online Over Paper-Based Votes
By shifting from traditional paper-based voting to our secure online system, not only will administrators save valuable time but also witness a significant boost in turnout rates among tech-savvy parents. Imagine how much more inclusive and democratic parent Governor selections would become when more parent voices are heard!

Safety Measures You Can Rely On
We understand the importance of ensuring security throughout the voting process. With encrypted connections safeguarding every vote cast through our advanced security measures, rest assured knowing that integrity is guaranteed—leaving no room for doubt or tampering.

Empowerment Through User-Friendly Technology
Adopting Choice Voting simplifies the whole process for administrators (like yourselves) while empowering tech-savvy parents  looking for a trustworthy platform they can rely on without any hassle.

Join Countless Schools Already Benefitting from Increased Engagement
Why wait any longer? Join countless schools across the country already benefitting from increased voter engagement using ✨Choice Voting✨—the cost-effective choice making waves in democracy today!

Ready To Democratise Education Together?
Are you ready to take charge of democratising education together? Let us guide you towards an effortless setup so both parents’ voices and school values thrive simultaneously. Drop us a message now or simply visit

Parent votes make a difference!

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