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Multi Admin

Build elections with the help of your colleagues, or allow an external scrutineer access to your election – or a single part of your election, the choice is yours.

Multiple user accounts.

  • Invite your team to assist with setting up an election, or maybe just allow a colleague access to retrieve the final results.
  • With powerful permission based roles, you decide who is allowed to carry out any specific role. Add or remove team members from your election, or apply different access rules when you need.

Voter user interface

Permission based Roles

Be in control with powerful user roles.

You have full control over your teams access. Permit or deny access to specific parts of your election. Extensive Support and documentation to guide you with role allocation.

Role type – Principal User

The account owner and principal user. This user has full control over the account and elections.

Role type – Clerk

Often a team member, they won’t need full access, but will need access to help you setup your elections.

Role type – Scrutineer

This is a restricted role, the “scrutineer” can help you with voter validation, and access to your election results, but will not be permitted to change the election setup.

Role type – Postal

Your postal user role, allows you to nominate team members to assist with entering your postal ballots, they will not be able to access any other part of your election.